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Our Suite of Solutions


As a first-in-class Pharmacy Benefits Optimizer (PBO), we utilize both state-of-the-art data driven technology as well as our clinical expertise to help optimize prescription benefits and reduce wasteful spending. No one wants to overpay for something they do not have to, especially healthcare.


RxAsk is our easy to use medication information platform. It connects patients as well as clients to our team of pharmacists through the Ask-A-Pharmacist portal, from anywhere and at anytime. Have a medication related question? Ask our pharmacists! Medication information made simple. 


With RxAdvocates, we help navigate the complexities of today's every changing healthcare system. Have a medication or drug regimen that is not covered or too expensive? We specialize in finding treatment options at lower costs with the same high level of quality and care.


RxManage is our one stop solution for managing healthcare datasets, like formularies or comprehensive spreadsheets. Regardless if your data is needed offline or accessible from anywhere, save time and money by having it managed, cleansed, and at your fingertips.


As healthcare professionals, medical writing is one of our specialties. With years of experience in the profession as well as having access to top notch scholarly archives and journals, we perform evidenced based research and provide expert-credentialed information in any form, such as white papers, journal articles, blog posts, etc. 


Utilization management is an essential practice that ensures medications and other therapies are provided to the right patients, while at the same time promoting affordability, safety, and waste reduction. Our umbrella of clinical and utilization review services will improve the quality of care your members receive.


Regardless if you are a startup or seasoned health system, policies and procedures are vital to establish guidelines and set the foundation for compliance and sound decision making. If your organization requires an evidenced based treatment algorithm, standard operating procedure (SOP), or compliance reports, we have a policy for that!


Rx360 is our full service package that encompasses all best in class solutions, including customer support. With three hundred sixty degrees of coverage, we help you work smarter (and healthier), not harder. 

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