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Elevate Your Healthcare Benefits.

Reduce wasteful spending and optimize health without budging on clinical excellence.



How We Optimize Healthcare

Smarter Cost Containment Strategies

Our goal is to reduce wasteful spending and contain costs using our data-driven technologies and clinical expertise. We guarantee a reduction in every client's benefit expenditure.

Sound Clinical Judgement

Unlike Big Pharma and Corporate America, we utilize clinical guidelines, evidenced based medicine, and pharmacoeconomics as our foundation for improving patient health and safety, not profit margin or rebates.

Best-In-Class Solutions

Since healthcare is an ever-changing landscape, our suite of solutions help you overcome the barriers and challenges of today but also ensure you are ready for tomorrow. 


National Market Valuation - By The Numbers


$633.5 bln



Country with Highest Drug Expenditure Per Capita

2022 USA Pharmaceutical Expenditure

Rate of Increase in Overall US Rx Spending for 2023

# of Healthcare Companies Specialized in Saving You Money, Not Spending It



Who We Are

Consult ME Rx is a boutique healthcare consulting company that is owned and operated by dedicated pharmacists. We pride ourselves with possessing the clinical expertise and healthcare experience that is necessary to help you make informed and empowering decisions. Unlike other organizations, our goal is to help you reduce unnecessary spending without budging on health and safety. 

We are not a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), third party administrator (TPA), or coalition. We are trusted healthcare advisors that are challenging today's status quo as well as setting the standards of tomorrow. 


We are the first and only Pharmacy Benefits Optimizer (PBO) that was founded and is currently managed by doctorate level healthcare professionals. By leveraging our suite of best-in-class solutions, we are confident in our ability to elevate healthcare benefits and keep you on the right path to better health, but at a lower cost. 



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